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Legislative change and workers' compensation

What is the impact of legislative change on workers' compensation processes and outcomes?

Work-related injury and Illness in Australia, 2004 to 2014

How does work-related injury and claiming vary across jurisdiction, age, gender and injury type?

Australian state and territory impact on RTW effectiveness

Does the state or territory in which a work-related compensation claim is made have an impact on return to work?


Comparison of Return to Work Practices and Outcomes in Self-Insured and Scheme-Insured Organisations.

Return to Work Plans for Injured Australian Workers: Overview and Association with Return to Work.

Determining the Association Between Workers' Compensation Claim Processing Times and Duration of Compensated Time Loss

Barriers and Enablers for Return to Work: Findings from a Survey of RTW Professionals

Long-Term Workers' Compensation Claims in Australia.

Benefit generosity, claiming and disability duration

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