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Report Highlights 

Return to work plans

56% of Australian workers report having a RTW plan, however this varies by jurisdiction

Having a RTW plan means you are


more likely to return to work

Women are:

37% more likely to have had a RTW plan


89% more likely to have a written RTW plan 

mental health

Workers' making claims for mental health conditions are:

75% less likely to feel supported by their employer and 47% less likely to receive a RTW plan than workers claiming for musculoskeletal conditions.​​


More likely to have concerns about making a claim


More likely to experience longer lasting claims

Less likely to report having a positive experience with their employer during the claim process


Government employees are 2x more likely to make a mental health claim than other industries


Compared to scheme insurers, workers employed by self-insurers are more likely to:

  • Have shorter time between claim lodgement and claim decision


  • Feel supported in making a workers' compensation claim

  • Report having had a return to work plan


  • Report having returned to work at the time they were surveyed


These highlights were taken from the following reports or publications

Return to Work Plans for Injured Australian Workers: Overview and Association with Return to Work.

Comparison of Return to Work Practices and Outcomes in Self-Insured and Scheme-Insured Organisations.

Long-Term Workers' Compensation Claims in Australia.

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