Experiences of Healthcare in Australia's Workers' Compensation Schemes: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Psychological Distress in Australian Workers' Compensation Claimants: Prevalence, Predictors and Mental Health Service Utilisation

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The Impact of Income Sources on Financial Stress in Workers’
Compensation Claimants


Step-downs reduce compensation payments to
return to work. Are they effective?


 Increased benefit generosity and the impact on claiming behaviour.

Lane TJ, Gray SE, Sheehan L, Collie A.


Impact of legislative reform on benefit access and disability
duration in workers’ compensation: an interrupted time series study.

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Factors Associated with Employer Support for Injured Workers During a Workers' Compensation Claim.

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Evaluating the success of legislative amendments designed to reduce work disability

Gray SE, Lane TJ, Hassani-Mahmooei B, Collie A

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Associations between workers' compensation claim processing times and work disability duration: Analysis of population level claims data.

Gray SE, Lane TJ, Sheehan LR, Collie A.

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Injured worker experiences of insurance claim processes and return to work: a national, cross-sectional study.

Collie A, Sheehan L, Lane T, Gray S, Grant G

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Effectiveness of employer financial incentives in reducing time to report worker injury: an interrupted time series study of two Australian workers’ compensation jurisdictions.

Lane TJ, Gray S, Hassani-Mahmooei B, Collie A.


Concerns About Claiming, Postclaim Support, and Return to Work Planning: The Workplace's Impact on Return to Work.

Gray SE, Sheehan LR, Lane TJ, Jetha A, Collie A

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Comparing time off work after work-related mental health conditions across Australian workers’ compensation systems: a retrospective cohort study.

Gray SE, Collie A.

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Age, sex, and the changing disability burden of compensated work-related musculoskeletal disorders in Canada and Australia.

Macpherson RA, Lane TJ, Collie A, McLeod CB.

Asset 3.png

The nature and burden of occupational injury among first responder occupations: a retrospective cohort study in Australian workers.

Gray SE, Collie A.

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Does time off work after injury vary by jurisdiction? A comparative study of eight Australian workers' compensation systems.

Collie A, Lane TJ, Hassani-Mahmooei B, Thompson J, McLeod C.

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